Dutch Prepurchase Examination (English)

The Dutch Pre-Purchase Examination for Sporthorses:

Full documentation: including a written veterinary report of both the clinical and radiographic examination. Ultrasound, endoscopy and videotape of the dynamic examination are available on request.

Static examination: inspection, palpation, confirmation, foot-balance and mobilisation
reflexes of the axial skeleton.

Dynamic examination: walk at a straight line and alternating circles; trot at a straight line
and lunging at a hard surface; trot and canter lunging soft surface; flexion tests

Radiographic examination: standard approach for the Dutch Pre-Purchase Examination (PPE) (20):
* Distal extremities: frontfeet (navicular area) LM and DPr-PaDiO projections
* Front fetlocks LM, DMPaLO and DLPaMO projections
* Hind fetlocks: LM projection
* Hocks: LM, DP and DMPlLO projections
* Stifles: LM projection

* If indicated or on request: complementary projections, like full axial skeleton (occiput-T1 andspinal processus T6-L5)Of course, on request a different set of x-rays can be made. For example, your own veterinarian can send us his or hers request.

Ultrasonographic examination: If indicated or on request. For example of: suspensories, stifles or a
transrectal exam of the lumbosacral area.

Laryngoscopic examination: upper airways, video documented on request.

Bloodwork: we always take blood after a clinical examination, we store the serum (frozen) for six months. On request we can sent bloodsamples for health screening / drug testing / import and export purposes to accredited laboratories we work with, like GD in Holland, AML in Belgium, Böse in Germany or Newmarket in the UK.

Our PPE dedicated veterinarians are Dr. Geerts (Alfons) and Dr. Leenders (Wouter).
Our advice is to have your own veterinarian contact them upfront the PPE.
If there are any questions, do not hesitate to contact: (phone) +31 857 432 085 or (email) info@edigit.nl

All international requested PPE's need to be paid cash, by PIN, by creditcard (+5%) or by paypal (+5%).