eDigit Equine Veterinary, Pre-purchase Exams, orthopaedics and diagnostic imaging, the Netherlands.

eDigit offers a complete service in Equine digital imaging, Prepurchase examinations (PPE) and orthopedics.
Our cliënts can visit us at our clinic in Roosendaal, the Netherlands or we visit the cliënt at their stable adress. We are able to offer this unique service using two fully equiped vans. Our PPE-licensed (NEVA) veterinarians Dr. Geerts and Dr. Leenders always work with an experienced assistent, also when performing PPE's or lameness examinations at your location. Working this way we can guarantee the high quality level we stand for.

We are well aware of the fact that foreign cliënts often are used to different working-protocols, especially when it comes to PPE's. To be able to perform an examination that suits your wishes and expectations we are happy to communicate with you and your own vet in advance (and / or afterwards).

Services we offer ar

-PPE (clinical and imaging)
-Digital (Fuji DR) X-rays
-Ultrasound (Esaote)
-Digital Video-endoscopy (upper airways)
-Lameness examination / orthopaedics
-Lameness treatments (HA, PRP, Stem cells)
-Shockwave therapy
-Sporthorse supervision and rehabilitation

Please feel free to contact us for more information: email: info@edigit.nl
Telephone: 0031 857 432 085 (preferably monday to friday between 1 and 5 pm, GMT+1)

General terms and Conditions eDigit Equine Digital Imaging (KNMvD)