Dutch Prepurchase Examination (English)

The Dutch Pre-Purchase Examination for Sporthorses:

Full documentation: including a written veterinary report of both the clinical and radiographic examination. Ultrasound, endoscopy and digital video of the dynamic examination are available on request.

Static examination: inspection, palpation, confirmation, foot-balance and mobilisation
reflexes of the axial skeleton.

Dynamic examination: walk at a straight line and alternating circles; trot at a straight line
and lunging at a hard surface; trot and canter lunging soft surface; flexion tests

Radiographic examination: standard approach for the Dutch Pre-Purchase Examination (PPE) (20):
* Distal extremities: frontfeet (navicular area) LM and DPr-PaDiO projections
* Front fetlocks LM, DMPaLO and DLPaMO projections
* Hind fetlocks: LM projection
* Hocks: LM, DP and DMPlLO projections
* Stifles: LM projection

* If indicated or on request: complementary projections, like full axial skeleton (occiput-T1 andspinal processus T6-L5)Of course, on request a different set of x-rays can be made. For example, your own veterinarian can send us his or hers request.

Ultrasonographic examination: If indicated or on request.

Laryngoscopic examination: upper airways, video documented on request.

Bloodwork: we always take blood after a clinical examination, we store the serum (frozen) for six months. On request we can sent bloodsamples for health screening / drug testing / import and export purposes to accredited laboratories we work with, like WUR/Lelystad in the Netherlands, AML in Belgium and Böse in Germany.

Our advice is to have your own veterinarian contact us upfront the PPE. If, for example, additional X-rays or examinations are required we are happy to perform them on request.
If there are any questions, do not hesitate to contact: (phone) +31 857 432 085 or (email) info@edigit.nl

All international requested PPE's need to be paid cash, by PIN, by creditcard (+7%) or by paypal (+7%). Results will only be shared after full payment.